The Association of Agricultural Research Institutions in the Near East and North Africa (AARINENA) was established in 1985 to strengthen cooperation among national, regional and international research institutions and centres through the dissemination and exchange of information, experiences and research results.
Its mission is to contribute to the enhancement of agricultural and rural development in the WANA Region. By fostering agricultural research and technology development and by strengthening collaboration within and outside the region, AARINENA aims to achieve greater degree of self-reliance in food and agriculture, and to improve the nutritional well-being and overall welfare of the people of the WANA Region while sustaining and further improving the productive capacity of the natural resources base.

AARINENA includes five sub-regions:  

  •  Arabian Peninsula (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE)
  • Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia)
  • Mashreq (Cyprus, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Syria)
  • Nile Valley & Red Sea (Djibouti, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen)
  • Western Asia (Iran, Pakistan, Turkey) All sub-regional groupings of AARINENA were established to provide AARINENA.It has a coordinator officer as the  sub-regional contact point, who  represent the sub-region in the Executive Committee of AARINENA.